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Windows 10 1703 download iso italy vsu email.Blockchain and Trustworthy Systems


Commercially available tools either support a variety of pro- gramming languages or are specifically designed for a certain language. Generic tools that support multiple languages, on the other hand, are more ap- propriate for working with a variety of programming languages. PC-Lint offers an entry- level method of quality as- surance on PCs. They offer comprehensive customiza- tion features and can also generate metric information as well as graphical repre- sentations of code.

Their big strengths include checking for bad pointers and memory leak- age. In addition, they allow you to test the concurrent operation and integration of mod- ules, check operation after a bug has been fixed, and perform stress tests.

There are two approaches to dynamic testing. One class of tools includes a compiler and uses source-code information to flag problems as it compiles. Another type of dynamic-testing tool checks the run-time behavior of executables. Of course, a tool that checks source code has access to more information and can therefore do checks that are more thor- w.

The disadvantage of this approach is that it requires access to source code, which may not be avail- able if you use third-party libraries. Instead, it treats con- tiguously allocated storage as a single memory item. Is More Testing Needed? How do you know how much testing has been done and how much more is still needed?

There are a couple of techniques for measuring test coverage. Statement coverage counts how many of the total statements in the application are execut- ed. An interesting side effect of percent statement coverage is that it helps pro- grammers find statements that can never be executed.

This is because defining test procedures to execute a given statement makes developers look at an application Testing Java Applications W hen granularity [of components] be- comes so tiny [as when testing Java applications], the problems of integration testing are enormous,” says Jeffrey Voas, chief scientist with Reliable Software Tech- nologies Sterling, VA , a software research and consulting company. Testing Java applications is difficult be- cause developers are forced to test applets on each configuration that they plan to sup- port.

This includes the different implementa- tions of Java virtual machines VMs -brows- ers as well as compilers. SunTest, a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems, has introduced a suite of tools that helps developers not only gain certification but also perform overall quality testing. JavaPureCheck checks that class files are indeed portable. It measures specified classes against a rule base.

These errors and explanations are kept in a database that creates reports. You can download this tool for free from the SunTest Web site. JavaSpin tests Java applications at run time. JavaScope is a coverage-analysis tool that includes method, branch, logical, and relational coverage i.

The current release does not support statement coverage, however. JavaStar is a GUI record and playback tool. It includes a scripting language and com- pares the behavior of the program under test with the expected behavior. JavaSpec uses the formal specifications of an API to automatically generate test pro- grams. Developers can verify that an imple- mentation of an API follows its written spec- ification. It unavoidably leads to the question: Is this statement necessary?

Some programmers say they remove al- most 30 percent of the statements they find through this procedure. Path coverage , on the other hand, cal- culates the number of paths through an application. Achieving percent path coverage for any but the simplest code requires enormous resources. In practice, you can use path-coverage measures only to check the testing level of the critical portions of an application.

Some tools insert code to flag that a statement or path has been executed to obtain coverage information, a process called instrumentation. The big problem with instrumentation is that it involves memory and CPU overhead. Fully instru- mented programs typically run up to three times slower than noninstrument- ed ones.

A good decision for software test- ing is, therefore, to completely instrument only critical portions of a program. Large sources and complex applica- tions are naturally harder to test than soft- ware with simple functionality. Software metrics is one way of measuring the vol- ume and complexity of an application.

This procedure looks at the structure and linkage between the larger software build- ing blocks rather than at the level of state- ments and expressions. Easy Access to Equipment.

Features such as open- backed work centers, Pull-out Tower Shelves, and lockable casters provide maximum accessibility to your equipment. Modular Design. Customize your LANscape O rganizer from a comprehensive line of modular components. Interchangeable parts allow you to easily reconfigure as your needs change. Strength and Stability. Modules can hold up to 2,kg of hardware.

Hassle-Free Cable Management. One touch will open each of the individually hinged sections so you can quickly get at the wires you need.

Long-Term Value. The most com- plex and hardest-to-test modules of a program typically have the highest met- ric values. Once you locate potential trou- ble spots, you can break these modules down or rewrite the parts of a program that exceed predefined metric limits. Inter- estingly, many metrics correlate very high- ly to the number of noncommented lines of code. When evaluating a new software metric, always ask how accurate its pre- dictions have been on historical data and to what extent it correlates with simple lines of code measurements.

You can also use metrics to estimate such things as the number of bugs likely remaining in code, the ease of software portability, or future maintenance costs. Networking products were totally new in Taiwan when we entered the industry in We’re ready to serve you! United Stales: Lantech International! But the extent to which this is possible in prac- tice varies enormously. When evaluating tools, always send the vendors a variety of code samples to process.

Metrics: Not all tools give the same fig- ures for the same metrics. When evaluat- ing tools, ask vendors to process some code for which you have calculated the metrics by hand. The subsequent discus- sion of their results will be revealing. In addition, some metrics correlate to a cer- tain extent with simple lines of code mea- surements.

Given these problems, there is little sense in spending lots of money on a tool that calculates only metrics. Visualization: This is essential when working on path coverage.

Good tools provide facilities for graphically viewing the results, highlighting statements or paths that have not been executed. Analysis of conditions: Look for tools that analyze the conditions needed to reach a given block of code and that even go as far as suggesting values that vari- ables must take.

This can be useful when looking at nested conditions. Language support: Unless your compa- ny has applications written in a variety of languages, a tool designed for a specific language will invariably provide better results than a generic tool set. In GUI-based applications, users have control over several concur- rent input devices, and applications can output results to multiple windows. GUI testing is usually a three-stage pro- cess. First, the tool records all keystrokes, mouse movements, and button clicks into a script file.

This recorded script can be played back to drive the application in test mode. This works well when an applica- tion behaves as expected. The second stage involves adding checks into the recorded script for handling ex- traordinary conditions.

Bug Bounty Hunters Internation al include waiting for specific events to ap- pear. In the third stage, the modified script runs against the application.

The extent to which the script can reliably handle un- expected behavior depends on the effort you put into manually programming the script. The more sophisticated programs can graphically display differences be- tween what the script expects and what the application sends to the screen.

They handle application changes automatically and maintain object-specif- ic data independently of individual scripts to ensure that the same scripts can be re- used even when an application changes during development. Internet Adds Complexity Current trends in software development challenge programmers as well as de- signers of testing tools.

The Internet is dramatically increasing the pace of the software industry, and many developers believe that there is now even less time available fortesting.

Object-oriented de- sign techniques, such as polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance, increase the complexity of testing through the ex- tensive use of information hiding. Farnborough, U. You can reach him by sending e-mail to derek knosof.

Now there is a way for you to get everything you need— data protection, increased performance, and a great price. DPT introduces the RAIDstation3 kits, cost-effective Ultra and Ultra Wide RAID kits to secure data and increase performance for entry- level servers, or workstations running important, storage-hungry and performance-demanding applications like video editing, CAD or electronic pre-press.

You don’t need to be a RAID expert to set up your system. Nothing could be easier! Booth No. By Eric Johnson and Christina Seeberg-Elverfeldt S he pressure on European manufacturers to produce cleaner and greener products never lets up. Take, for example, the computer industry. Unlike the rules of the s, the latest rules no longer apply only to manufac- turing sites, where chips are made, circuit boards fabri- cated, or components assem- bled.

Additionally, users are demanding environment- friendly PCs. Led by public authorities in northern Eu- rope, green-minded com- puter buyers have plumped for bans on certain materials, green guidelines for public procurement, and eco- and energy-label programs. The key to reducing envi- ronmental and financial costs of manufactured prod- ucts is the design process. A new breed of tools, collectively called design-for-environment DfE software, lets product developers analyze the environmental impact of their concepts.

These tools comprise several databases of envi- ronmental evaluation factors and aim at product designers rather than environmental experts. The core functions of DfE programs are eco-impact reduction and disposal optimization. This is not surprising, because the two functions of DfE soft- ware are distinct and inde- pendent tasks.

The idea of LCA is to find the design option that scores best when considering all effects on, for example, global warming, marine pollution, or waste- disposal problems. In disposal optimization, the idea is to model and ex- periment with the disposal options for a given product. Typically, there are many possibilities. You can dismantle or products or compo- nents, or deliver them whole for reuse, recycling, inciner- ation, landfill, or any mix- ture thereof.

In theory, the final optimized design should cause the lowest envi- ronmental burden and in- clude the optimal number of reusable parts, no hazardous material, and a high degree of recy- clable material. You must do disposal optimization before you build the product. But he warns that disassembly is not just assembly in reverse order.

Architecture of Tools At the core of DfE software is a compo- nent-inventory database. It holds large amounts of environmentally relevant data such as emissions, energy consumption, dismantling times, and recyclability indexes for electronics parts such as bat- teries, capacitors, and ICs.

A design module represents compo- nents visually and shows how they link to- gether to form the product. This module retrieves the environmental information from the inventory database and displays it on the screen. In eco-impact reduction, the software then aggregates eco-impact information into a few categories or even a single-num- ber index. These indicators compare the eco-impact of a design to a fixed reference such as human- or eco-toxicity, thereby generat- ing a relative score per eco-impact e.

The de- sign with the lowest sum of these relative scores is best in environmental terms. In disposal analysis, the software runs a sophisticated optimization process be- fore aggregation and reporting. Several vendors have developed proprietary algo- rithms that model the component struc- ture and solve for an optimum level of dis- assembly. Defining the optimum can be intricate.

Many vendors supply pro- prietary component databases and opti- mization algorithms aimed at producers of electronics equipment. Vendors point out the paucity of public domain informa- tion in this area. Naturally, product designers want to swap component databases around under one DfE system.

But because systems are incompatible, this is not yet possible. Standardization Is Coming Four competing initiatives are addressing the standardization of component data- bases, not only for electronics but other industries as well.

It is an environmental accounting method that tries to quantify the inputs and outputs throughout the life cycle of a prod- uct, assess the effects of environmental load- ings, and reduce the associated environ- mental burden. LCA is also the foundation for the eco-impact analysis in DfE software. Because the evaluation depends so much on the quality of the database, critics say LCA usually reveals that whatever design you chose is best.

Proponents, however, argue that LCA brings a desperately needed quan- titative, rational element to environmental decision-making. Despite these debates, industry and government are increasingly accepting LCA, especially in Europe. Leop tics says ,, Humam the way to lead high-tech life into the future”. Talc Hydrous Magnesiu International group in the U. All these groups concede that, at best, a broad integration of databases will need some more years and that the more spe- cialized the data, the less likely it ever will become public.

However, in an attempt to open the component inventory, some manufactur- ers have published their data. For exam- ple, about a year ago, Delta Electronics Testing published detailed material bal- ances on about 50 components common to electronics goods, plus details on the hazardous content and disposability of each material. An electronics device, for example, has a number of haz- ardous materials e. Low-Cost Tools For now, say some vendors, the answer for manufacturers is to buy what they can afford and build the rest of the expert judg- ment internally.

In this case, companies can buy cheap software and build their own expert judgment and database. Another competitive factor is integra- tion with CAD systems.

This is especially important if designers use DfE tools on a day-to-day basis. DfE tools are proliferating. By the end of the year, there will be about 15 com- mercially available tools. While some industry experts expect a shakeout of DfE tools during , the user base for DfE tools will be growing steadily.

You can contact them by sending e-mail to Atlantic ecosite. San Jose, CA, U. Austin, TX, U. Please check prices at time of order as ads are prepared some weeks before publication.

This page lists some products – call us for a complete price list. JDesignerPro is a truly visual enviroment for building elaborate and elegant systems without having to write a single line of code.

Complex relationships are displayed as simple visual metaphors – database programming has never been so much fun! Visual Basic Enterprise 5. Win32 Greenleaf ArchiveLib 2.

You don’t even type in the field names! Easily reprogram the editor, its objects and controls, its attached actions, j etc. In addition, the caching algorithm includes adaptive delayed-write and read-forward functions.

You can plug in extra disks and change RAID levels during opera- tion. It also enables you to assign a spare disk to a single RAI D clus- ter or define a pool of extra disks that can be used by all clusters in case of failure. It works in mid- size file servers as well as in high-end database servers with a capac- ity of more than 25 GB. It transfers data at speeds up to 11 5.

Contact: Brain Boxes , Liverpool , U. Enter on Inquiry Card. It offers a It ships with Windows compatible soft- ware that supports faxing and elec- tronic file transfer. Price: Call company. It provides ports for one ISDN line, two telephones, a serial con- nector, and two Ethernet connec- tors.

Vicas includes several security fea- tures and is intended for remote of- fices and small call centers. Price: DM Contact: Hypertec, Ltd. Using an internal or external Swap Bay, the Swap Jaz Drive lets you remove the entire drive and plug it into any oth- er bay-equipped computer, much like a removable ca r stereo.

Price: Starts at DM Its supervisor soft- ware includes remote monitoring and shutdown features and guar- antees fault-free operation incase of system failure. The package of- fers real-time graphs of operating status and alarms plus scheduling of shutdowns and start-ups. The professional version contains encrypting and decrypting software, twosmartcard readers to store keys, and the PC board, which encodes MB in approximately 8 minutes.

Thesoftware packagealoneisavail- able as a Personal Edition, including a database for keys and addresses. The three-button inputdevice executes frequently used key com- binations in Windows95 or Netscape Navigator at the click of a button.

Scanners Large-Format Scanner Handling documents up to 36 inches in width and of unlimited length, thelmtecClarge-formatscan- ner supports black and white, grayscales, and bit color. Scan- ning an AO-size document in dpi, for example, takes 24 seconds in monochrome. The device uses photo transistors for color scanning that offer superior picture quality. Contact: The Imtec Group, Ltd. The program sim- ulates test conditions and calculates the weightand cost of materials for a given design.

You can purchase the analysis, optimization, and test modulesseparatelyorasa package. Silux Simulates Multibody Dynamics Silux simulation software helps solve mechanical-design problems with new algorithms that include the detailed analysis of multibody dy- namics.

The package runs on Win- dows NT and Power Macs and al- lows for the detailed mechanical stress analysis of pa rts as wel I as en- tire systems. Price: Starts at SFR. Solomon’s Anti-Virus toolkit for Lotus Domino protects databases and mail against viruses.

It monitors all incoming and outbound mail and attachments in the background, and it either isolates or deletes viruses in case of infection. Other features include on-access and on-demand scanning of Notes databases. Contact: Dr.

Solomon’s Software, Ltd. The software detects macro viruses as well as viruses hidden in compressed or encoded files. You can download updatesof the latestvirusscanners from the vendor’s Web site.

It processes bit images and includes annotation features for producing detailed maps. The program handles and analyzes various data types: satel- lite, airborne, radar, or data from geological or geochemical research.

The implemented scripting lan- guage lets users integrate their own functions into the menus. Contact: Cherwell Scientific Publishing, Ltd.

This utility caches Java applets, stores them in your Windows NT or Unix networks, and makes them acces- sible to all users on your network. The software also offers an off-line mode, text retrieval, and compre- hensive import and export features.

Project Management Calculate Effects of Delays ProjectDirector for Windows offers sophisticated time-management facilities and calculates the effects of potential delays. The software allows for an unlimited number of links between individual tasks and detects conflicts automatically. A built-in communications interface lets you send e-mail directly from the program. Cabling List It displays the results in graphs and tables that are dynamically linked to the de- cision-input module.

Price: About DM 1 MindMan Helps Manage Creativity T he concept behind mind mapping is as simple as it is enticing: Instead of using traditional lists and other forms of note-taking during brainstorming sessions and general idea conception, use col- or, curved lines, and suggestive symbols to be more creative.

This mirrors the way in which the mind works and lets you harness your creativity to the best advantage. Whereas traditional mind mapping involves the use of paper and colored pens, MindMan 3. With Mind- Man you can drag and drop branches to reorganize your ideas quick- ly, drag and drop objects from other applications, create hyperlinks to external documents and Web pages, link multiple mind maps, and define relationships between items or branches.

The tool also lets you attach textual notes to items and branches and automatically as- signs symbols to keywords. Because creative processes are often more efficient when done with teams, MindMan has a conferencing system that allows for real- time editing and collaborating of shared mind maps via the Internet. However, MindMan is impressively easy to use, and its concept of user interaction is con- sistent. The quality of the symbol library needs work, however.

Most icons are just blunt and sober bit maps. One makes software theft illeaal, the other makes it impossible. If you would rather take the law into your own hands, the DESkey range of products have security designed into the hardware.

ASICs and microprocessors running proprietary algorithms provide real protection. A comprehensive range of drivers and our software protection utility DESlock, work to bring the highest level of security with the minimum of effort. Call today for product information, demonstration units and technical advice. When it I comes to computer graphics, however, it triples.

As a result, graphics horsepower that was once available only on high-end workstations now exists at the consumer level. It incorporates a third-generation bit chip called Ticket to Ride. However, there are currently no applications to prove this. At one point, I even turned off its 3-D features. Despite all the available power and bandwidth, graphics slowed to a virtual crawl. Budget-conscious serious gamers and professional graphics users looking to buy new systems are far better off sacrificing a little speed on the CPU end and putting their money into the fastest graphics card they can afford.

The Revolution 3D’s engine processes video scaling as a texture and greatly reduces pixelation. At 30 frames per second, the motion was extremely fluid. Serious 3-D users will want to consider the MB card, which can support dou- ble-buffered color at by pixels, or up to by pixels at 65, col- ors. The floating-point setup engine reduces the performance hit experienced when multiple 3-D features are enabled. The combination of thelbit, 2-D drawing engine and the WideBus internal archi- tecture allows the card to process graph- ics and video data at up to 1.

Its performance is well suited for artists, graphic designers, and desktop publish- ers who need good 3-D and scorching 2-D and video. You can reach him at davidem earthlink. But a new camera from Sound Vision, the SVmini, delivers ultrahigh-quality digital images at a relatively bargain price. High-res- olution CMOS sensors are less expensive than comparable CCDs, and they also require considerably less power and sup- port circuitry, which means dramatical- ly increased battery life.

A digital camera tries to record colors the way the human eye sees them. Sound Vision adds a fourth dye, teal. This extra measurement helps achieve a better color match. Interestingly, some women’s eyes have four color receptors, a condition called tetrachromaticity.

Some geneticists speculate that such women can better assess their children’s health by skin tone. A Texas Instruments TMSC digital signal processor extrapolates the image to by , a truly impressive 3. A noise-reduction algorithm in the camera software removes graini- ness from images taken in poor light.

System software takes 1. The SVmini uses variable JPEG compression, which you adjust using either an on-camera LCD or a serial con- nection, to balance image quality against storage space: 80 percent compression KB per image gives optimal quality; 40 percent 50 KB produces some arti- facts. Macin- tosh software is also available. An option- al AC adapter extends the life of the six AA batteries. The camera I tested, an early prototype, produced superb images in a variety of lighting conditions.

You can reach him at stanm bix. Cloning workstations should be as easy as cutting out paper dolls — make one master image file, and clone it as many times as you want. Well, PowerQuest has made the process of cloning workstations just that simple and fast with Drive Image Professional. Because of its patent-pending SmartSector technology, Drive Image Professional works up to two to three times faster than straight file-by-file or sector-by-sector methods of copying.

This gives you the unprecedented freedom to create customized configurations to meet all the needs of your individual workstations. This speed and flexibility make Drive Image Professional the complete solution for cloning workstations.

Try Drive Image Profess ional for 60 days. If you are not completely satisfied, return it to PowerQuest and receive a full refund. For more information, contact your local reseller, or visit our Web site at WWW. COni or call 1 – Patents pending. With its ability to execute 2 billion operations per second, the Screamer is the best choice for your next workstation or server!

Over the last 15 years we have designed systems for thousands of satisfied customers including many prestigious institutions like NASA and Fidelity Investments. Our technicians are expert at configuring all Alpha operating systems and applications, and you will not find more technically competent sales people anywhere. Since , hundreds of applications have been ported to the X86 with it. On a MHz 21 , a dot product kernel we use for compiler testing achieves a mind- boggling megaflops!

Trellix Is an application that, In practice, allows you to create hypertext documents that function kind of like a cross between a web site, an outline processor, and a presentation graphics package, with instant access to links elsewhere in the document. COm Enter 1 on Inquiry Card. Trellix organizes information with a document map, hyperlinks, an outline view, and dedicated screen areas. His subsequent soft- ware products have all been distinct and different — category mak- ers and breakers.

So, too, is his latest brainchild, Trellix. In brief, it lets you create hyper- text documents that function like a Web browser, outline processor, and presen- tation-graphics package rolled into one, complete with instant links to other parts of a document or accessible URLs. Paper documents are mostly read from beginning to end, while Web sites are clearly nonlinear: You branch back and forth, and when you find an interesting link, you click on it and bring it up.

This navigation ability is the essence of Trellix, which is designed for on-screen viewing. Each page can have up to four borders which are typi- cally quite wide that house navigation buttons, text elements, or graphics.

There is also an optional outline view. A Trellix document is an ActiveX document; therefore, it can link to or be linked from other Trellix or ActiveX documents, including video, spread- sheets, and various graphics, or it can con- tain URLs pointing to Web pages.

You can also include a Trellix document within an- other ActiveX container, such as a Micro- soft Office Binder document.

Put your cursor on an underlined link, and the correspond- ing map icon is also highlighted. When creating a document, you can write pages in any order and rearrange them by dragging and dropping icons on the map. You can import content from ex- isting documents in a variety of formats. Menu items make it easy to create links and sequences of pages.

Trellix lets you program complex doc- uments for the reader. You can create dif- ferent viewing sequences Trellix calls them tours in the same document, for different purposes or audiences.

You can print a Trellix document, but you would normally view it with Trellix itself, a free viewer, or as an exported HTML page that any browser can display. But it offers a powerful new potential for presenting and viewing structured information, from research re- ports to textbooks to business plans.

If the final release lives up to this early promise, Trellix will be a useful tool that could revolutionize many kinds of writ- ing and presentation. You can reach him by sending e-mail to russellk bix. So why should their computers be?

Built to some very exacting specifications: yours. Whether you want a computer to help you run your home, or an entire network of computers to help you run your business, we can make the perfect CompUSA PC for you. How fast a processor do you need? How much memory? What size of hard drive would you like?

What size monitor? This means that all included parts are covered for three years and any needed repairs during the first year will be performed on-site. So if you ever have any questions, problems or need advice regarding your hardware, you can call our toll-free help line 24 hours a day, seven days a week and speak to a qualified expert. Our technical depart- ments are staffed with thoroughly- trained computer experts, who get i job done right the first time. Available in most major markets.

American Minitower Not only do we give you just what you want, you can get it however you like! Place your order on-line at www. Call today for your custom configuration. So the quality inside is as dependable as the name on the outside. Some software is preloaded. All trademarks are the property of their respective copanies.

Fully automated, zero administration, instant results. Still struggling to Web-enable your business documents? And it does it all automatically! The Java-powered viewer makes viewing documents easy too. Download your evaluation copy now to see how Common Ground can deliver instant results for you! A new ATM service enables applications to compensate for network congestion. The first one is constant bit rate CBR , which specifies a fixed data rate.

The second service is the more flexible variable bit rate VBR. A VBR connection defines a sustained rate for normal use and a faster burst rate for occasional use at peak periods. The third one is unspecified bit rate UBR. This is a best-effort service: No amount of capacity is guaranteed, and any cells maybe discarded.

It provides a guaranteed mini- mum capacity. When additional network capacity is available, you can burst data above the minimum rate without risk of cell loss. UBR is directed at delay-tolerant applications e. It provides no feedback about net- work congestion to the user or applica- tion.

Thus, UBR increases the risk of dis- carded cells, which in turn increases network traffic because of the lost cells that must be retransmitted. ABR is intended for applications where network delays are a concern.

This lets the program constantly modify the sending rate, achieving the best throughput. It then shares any unused capacity in a fair and controlled fashion among all ABR sources.

The ABR mechanism uses explicit feed- back to the sources to assure that capac- ity is fairly allocated. In this case, the end systems attached to the ATM network are routers. The ABR service offers a number of benefits. First, ABR connections share available network capacity.

For use in data networks by delay-tolerant applications such as a file transfer or e- mail. No feedback about network congestion is provided. For use in data networks where delays are a concern. Congestion information lets applications send data at optimal transfer rates.

ABR is useful for on-line sessions where the network response is critical. Accordingly, the ABR service is ap- propriate for applications that can tol- erate adjustments to their transmission rates and unpredictable cell delays. Fi- nally, for ABR sources that adapt their transmission rate to the provided feed- back, a low cell-loss ratio is guaranteed. Please give this filter a name before saving it. If you continue all values for this field will be permanently deleted.

This action cannot be undone. If you do not want to delete this field, hit the Back button in your browser. Are you sure you want to replace it? Not all the children of this issue are yet resolved or closed. You may wish to report this error to your local administrator.

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