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Tekla structures license borrow tool 2017 free

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Install and set up Tekla License Borrow Tool for license borrowing .. 44 For a free online learning license for Tekla Structures, visit the Tekla. You can also activate, deactivate, and repair licenses in the tool. Borrowed. The number of borrowed licenses. Free. The number of free licenses. The installer for Tekla Structures License. Borrow Tool is available in Tekla Downloads. Multi-user server. Multi-user mode allows several users to access.

Tekla structures license borrow tool 2017 free

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Tekla Structures Installation | PDF | Computing Platforms | Computer Networking.


You activate online licenses for each user’s Trimble Identity , after which the user is able to choose a license when they log in to Tekla Structures. Administrator users can monitor the online license usage and contract manager users can manage your subscription renewals in the Tekla Online Admin Tool.

To get started with on-premises license administration:. Additionally, you can ensure that the correct types of on-premises licenses are available to the users who most need them by defining access rights for using and borrowing licenses as explained in Modify on-premises license access rights tekla. You can optionally allow users to borrow licenses for a set period of time, which allows the user to start Tekla Structures without network access to the license server.

To borrow a license, the user must have the license borrow tool installed on their workstation. Tekla Structures subscriptions cannot be borrowed. Users must have internet access to start Tekla Structures with a subscription.

Tekla Structures holds licenses in trusted storage. This means that Tekla Structures does not support three-server redundancy, where licenses are held in license files. However, you may have any number of license servers, and use search paths for defining and finding them. You may want to spread your license pool on several servers in your company. You may have offices in many cities, each office with its own license server, or you may simply want to divide the license pool to minimize disruption caused by server downtime.

You do not have to activate all of the licenses on the same license server even if they are on the same entitlement certificate. For example, you can divide your total license entitlement on several servers simply by activating one half of your licenses on one server and the other half of the licenses on another server. You can easily change the location of the licenses by deactivating them on one license server and activating on another so you can adjust the number of licenses to changes in your user base over time.

In Tekla Structures , you can define two server addresses separated by a semicolon ;. Ensure that you have access to the Internet. The Internet connection is needed during the license activation process. An unreliable connection speed may cause errors. If you are using other FlexNet licensing services, you need to stop them before you install the Tekla license server. When you have completed installing the Tekla license server, you can restart the other licensing services.

The license server software is compatible with several versions of Tekla Structures. To see which license server version to use with your current Tekla Structures version, see Hardware recommendations for Tekla license server. The licenses are also compatible with older versions of Tekla Structures in addition to the highest allowed version stated in the license.

The license is sent to you attached in an email as an entitlement certificate HTML file. Keep backup copies of your license entitlements in a safe place. If there are few users in your organization and you do not need to share the same licenses between users, you will install a license server directly on the Tekla Structures workstation.

When you activate a license on the local license server, Tekla Structures always uses that license and you can also start Tekla Structures offline without borrowing a license. If you want to use this type of setup, see Installation and licensing workflow.

For organizations with many users, it is not optimal to install and manage a license server on each workstation because of the extra work involved, lack of visibility and inability to flexibly share licenses between users. In this situation, it is better to set up a central license server in your internal network. The illustration below shows how licensing works in a typical corporate setup where licenses are activated on a centrally-managed license server, and there is a mix of on-premises and online licenses in use.

An administrator main user or IT administrator receives entitlement certificates for new and updated FlexNet licenses as email attachments. The administrator activates and manages the FlexNet licenses in the Tekla License Administration Tool on the license server installed at your organization. Solution: Do one of the following:.

Reason 1: Your license server may not have up-to-date license information. Do the following:. Reason: The user tried to borrow a license that is not activated on the license server. For example, the user tried to borrow a version 20 license and there are only version 21 licenses activated on the server.

Reason: You are not allowed to borrow the license. Problem: License returning fails. Reason: You tried to return the license to a different license server than it was borrowed from. Solution: You need to return the license to the same license server that it was borrowed from.

Error or error , problem 1: License activation, deactivation or repairing fails. Reason: Your license server was not able to connect to activation server at Trimble Solutions correctly. Usually this is a temporary problem in online activation.

Error or error , problem 2: License borrowing fails. Reason: You are not connected to the license server. Northern: You must be logged in to post a comment. After graduating, he contributed to many design projects, developing his professional knowledge and design style.

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