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Start Download. Select the given option to get download link. Open the Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install. Let it Download in your specified directory. War zone 3 Multiplayer gaming on the web was additionally the best computer game at any point delivered by the gaming zone organization. Download Battlefield 3 full form free download for pc.

Exceptionally packed game download in parts computer games. The game has Shanghai City Map which is the most amazing aspect of war zone 4. Present-day weapons utilized in war zone Four and amazing Graphics very much like Battlefield 3. Mafia 3 computer game delivered for pc by worldofpcgames and a total video of installatproton of PC game on windows 7 64 cycles. Play new computer games on center 2 team easily. Need for speed Run on PC. From that point forward, Battlefield is more noteworthy than only multiplayer as of late!

The unmarried member crusade in free Battlefield 4 additionally has a couple of energizing minutes. These are successions that channel the opportunity and sort of multiplayer! The levels spent commonly in passages and in close to quarters battle are more prominent successive, in any case, and now not nearly as agreeable. Also, characters that pressure the story show glimmers of appealing character.

In any case, those are overwhelmed by buzzword connections and standard convey. Subsequently, BF4 outperforms its archetype, the arrangement has an all-encompassing approach sooner than the mission is extra than a sideshow redirection. Luckily, the online degree is expertly set for some thrilling minutes. One of the top of the line new matters about BF4 is Obliteration mode! Moreover, bunches battle to acquire oversee of a bomb and go through it to blow three adversary positions. Most importantly, returning backup Conquest mode, wherein the contention rhythmic movements among a small bunch of set positions.

Destruction flaunts fighting zones that may trade instantly with the opportune utilization of land, air, and ocean vehicles. The mechanized vehicle has consistently been a mainstay of battle in the Battlefield arrangement! As such, devastation mode makes versatility extra fundamental than any time in recent memory.

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Battlefield 4 PC Game – Free Download Full Version – Screenshots and Videos


Next to Call of Duty , Battlefield 4 is a bi-annual reference point when it comes to first-person shooters. This is particularly true when we look at its multiplayer mode , which both games have been able to exploit to the fullest. The fourth installment of Battlefield has double the pressure: on the one hand, it has to demonstrate that this version is better than preceding ones, and on the other, it must prove how well it’s incorporated the Frostbite 3 engine, adapted to the new generation of consoles.

Has it succeeded? As expected, Battlefield 4 doesn’t have a single player campaign that’s going to go down in history. It’s much better than the adventures you find in Battlefield 3, but nonetheless it’s a game that shows its weaknesses when played alone.

In Campaign mode, Battlefield 4 is a succession of levels that set out to impress the player. There are lots of pre-programmed scenes, enemies with limited AI, absurd dialog, and scenarios that seem similar to other games.

The fact that the single player mode is little more than an extra bit on the side becomes perfectly clear when you look at the main menu of the game.

The multiplayer mode is the first choice on the menu, and this is where Battlefield 4 can flex its muscles. And does it ever! Compared with the single player mode, the multiplayer mode is a completely different story.

Multiplayer mode doesn’t change much with respect to previous versions of Battlefield. The style is unmistakable: it takes place in teams, divided into squads, requires quick but tactical activity, the use of vehicles, and gives a great feeling of playing on a giant battlefield. None of that changes in Battlefield 4 because it doesn’t need to — those are it’s hallmark features.

In terms of game modes, you will find the famous Conquest and Domination modes which is like Conquest but on a smaller scale. Rush also makes a return, a fight between two teams in turns, where one defends and the other attacks. Two new game modes have also been added: Obliteration and Defuse. The first is a fight to destruction over the possession of a bomb that’s used to destroy the enemy’s objectives.

The action is centered on the bomb, so it’s a very fast and dynamic mode. The second new addition, Defuse, is a similar game-playing style to Counter-Strike — the mode takes place in rounds and in each round you have one life; if you die, you become a spectator. The new additions are interesting and complement the classic game modes well. In total, there are 10, and although some are better than others, all of them are very well designed.

The most characteristic of them all is the icing on the cake and the feature used by EA to really sell the game: “Levolution.

Although there are slight changes in the controls, Battlefield 4 basically remains the same as its predecessors. The most important new feature is that you can now take cover in the corners of walls and use them to peer around and shoot. It’s an interesting tactical factor when shooting, but not a decisive one.

In one of the games, I acquired a helicopter with three companions inside, and I had the misfortune of crashing it with all of us inside, meaning I had to waste four regeneration tickets. It was really embarrassing! The progression of the character is the same as always; you gain experience in the different categories of soldiers who in turn, have the ability to unlock new weapons and attachments. Compared to the previous graphics engine, the Frostbite 3 engine is impressive. The forthcoming new generation consoles will be able to take advantage of these changes more than the current ones.

In all honesty, we expected more from Battlefield 4. But make no mistake, Battlefield 4 is an excellent game that focuses on those that want to play online with others. It’s a game that very clearly intends to appeal to its most loyal users, but you know what?

At least not for the time being. I like this game because we can shoot the bad guys because. Free the best game. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Softonic may receive a referral fee if you click or buy any of the products featured here. What do you think about Battlefield 4? Do you recommend it? Battlefield 4 for Windows. Softonic review Battlefield returns with few changes, but ultimately successful ones!

Few changes but successful ones As expected, Battlefield 4 doesn’t have a single player campaign that’s going to go down in history. Battlefield 4 for PC. Battlefield 3 3. Battlefield V 1.

Battlefield 1 3. Battlefield 2 1. Battlefield 2 3. Battlefield Hardline 3. Insurgency: Sandstorm – Ghillie Gear Set. Your review for Battlefield 4. Your review for Battlefield 4 Thank you for rating! Leave a review. This is embarrassing Try this instead.


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