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Please read these instructions before assembly and use of this product. • Adult assembly required. • Tools not included. HALO BASSINEST®. View the manual for the Halo Bassinest Premiere here, for free. This manual comes under the category Baby cots and has been rated by 1 people with an.


Halo bassinest manual


Panel Electronics no disponible en los modelos Essentia. Adult assembly required. Keep small parts away from children. Assemblage par un adulte requis. Les styles et les couleurs peuvent varier. Recommended for infants up to five months. Tools required: 2 Phillips screwdriver not included Outils requis : 1 tournevis cruciforme Batteries required: 3 AA not included non inclues Not required on Essentia series. Requiere ensamble por parte de un adulto. Los estilos y los colores pueden variar.

Guarde las instrucciones para referencia futura. Call HALO or visit www. Contact or write Halo Innovations for replacement parts and instructional literature if needed. DO NOT substitute parts. NEVER add a pillow, comforter, or another mattress for padding. Do not create any pockets between the pad and mesh sides. They can cause suffocation. Do not use with more than one child at a time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that elevation can result in the infant sliding to the foot of the crib into a position that might compromise respiration and is therefore not recommended. Appeler le HALO ou visiter le site www.

Si no tiene las instrucciones, NO use este producto. Llame al HALO o visite www. NO sustituya partes. Pueden causar asfixia. Please keep these instructions for future reference. Please read these instructions before assembly and use of this product.

Por favor conserve estas instrucciones para referencia futura. Lea estas instrucciones antes de ensamblar y usar este producto. Remove contents from carton and discard all packaging. Discard wooden board and 4 screws. Jeter la planche en bois et les 4 vis. Retire el contenido de la caja y deseche todo el material de empaque. Electronics panel and screws not included on Essentia models. Attach legs to base with screws provided.

Tighten securely. Bien serrer. Una las patas a la base con los tornillos incluidos. Apriete firmemente. Pull on railing to ensure it is properly locked in place. El riel hace un chasquido cuando se ensambla correctamente. Deslice la parte inferior de la pared lateral en la apertura de la base. Repita en el otro lado. Pull on sidewall to ensure it is properly locked in place. La pared lateral hace un chasquido cuando se instala correctamente. On either end of the Bassinest fold the fabric cover over the sidewall and secure using the fastener strip or zipper depending on your model.

Then fold the fabric flaps over top and bottom of sidewall and attach using the fastener tabs. Install batteries in Soothing Center. Not on Essentia models. Fixer la console apaisante au lit. No se incluye en modelos Essentia. Attach sleep area to base. Check to make sure no red stripe is visible on the post to confirm correct assembly. Fixer le lit au socle. Verifique que no quede una tira roja visible en el poste para confirmar el ensamble correcto. Add Mattress: Please wash sheet before use.

Use only mattress and sheet especially designed for the Bassinest swivel sleeper. DO NOT machine wash the mattress – instead wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth. Ajouter le matelas. Laver le drap avant utilisation. DO NOT attach the storage caddy to the front retractable sidewall. DO NOT store objects in the storage caddy weighing more than 5lbs. Storage Caddy does not come with Essentia or Premiere models. El estuche de almacenamiento viene con los modelos Essentia o Premiere.

To adjust height: Place by bed so that two legs are parallel to the side of the bed and one leg is under the bed. Adjust height by loosening adjustment knob. Once proper height is determined, fully tighten adjustment knob before placing child in sleep area. Never adjust bed height with your baby in the bed. To unlock retractable wall: On either end of the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, slide locking mechanisms out of sidewall notches as shown until front wall moves freely.

It is not necessary to remove the fabric covering to access the locks. NOTE: If lock is difficult to use, lift up on retractable wall slightly and adjust lock as desired. No es necesario retirar la cubierta de tela para tener acceso a las trabas. To use retractable wall: Push down gently on front railing. Retractable wall automatically returns to its upright position when pressure is removed. To lock retractable wall: On either end of the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, slide locking mechanisms into sidewall notches as shown until front wall is immobilized.

To remove bed from base: Push and hold release button while lifting to remove from post. Never remove sleep area from base with your baby in the bed. Never use sleep area when not attached to Bassinest base.

To use storage pockets: Pull elastic band at top of pocket to open. Insert items for storage and easy access. Release to close. Do not store sharp objects or objects weighing more than 5 lbs. Inserte los objetos para almacenarlos y facilitar el acceso. Suelte para cerrar. First remove the bed from the base or post.

Move the base to the desired location and reattach the bed. Do not try to move the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper by lifting, pulling or pushing the bed while it is attached to the base or post. Primero, quite la cama de la base o el pedestal. Mueva la base al lugar deseado y vuelva a ajustar la cama. See assembly instructions for more information. A Nightlight: Activate nightlight by pressing bulb button.

Press a second time to increase brightness. Press a third time to turn off. If not turned off manually, light will automatically shut off after 30 minutes. Note: green indicator light below button will display. Press music button multiple times to cycle through sound options. C Nursing timer: To activate, press nursing button.

The green indicator light below button will display, and will start to blink. After 15 minutes, a tone will sound and the green indicator light will blink more rapidly. At 29 minutes, the tone will repeat and the green indicator light will blink even more rapidly. At 30 minutes, the timer function will automatically shut off.


Halo bassinest manual. Halo PREMIERE 10443 Manuals

Pali City manual 2 pages. Keep small parts away from children. Hide thumbs.

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