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Written by Angelica Hartgers. Published on October 14, Do you need a book template to get started writing your book? This will save you a ton of wasted effort and formatting issues later on!

A book template can help you do just that by saving you time from having to set up your own book file. Select your book writing software, then you can find a book template that is already set up and formatted to get started writing.

Even better — the book templates listed in this article are absolutely free. Please note that several of the sites listed here offer book production services. In this article, we are simply listing the free book template resources that self-published authors can utilize as they write a book. When writing a book, templates are helpful to keep you on track and plan for which content your book needs to include.

Yes, you can write a book in Microsoft Word, and it may even help you write your book faster and increase your writing focus, since you can save time formatting and setting up your book layout. You can write a book in Word by downloading a free book template, by using the standard book template Word offers, or by setting up your own which is more time-consuming. Because Word is a flexible word processing system, you can simply use a book template within Word, and start typing your book directly onto the page.

To write a book in Microsoft Word, simply download a free book template, open the file, and start typing your manuscript into the template. Once your template is downloaded, you can then open it on your computer, and make any modifications as needed. Then, you can start typing your manuscript directly into your Word template.

However, if you want to purchase a template, there are some paid book templates that you can buy if you choose to. You can now start typing your text directly into Word. Yes, Microsoft Word offers several templates within the application, including book templates to choose from. Different sizes and formats are offered, depending on the type of book you are writing.

All of the available book templates are customizable and editable, which means you can tailor the template to fit any specific requirements you need for your book. Every author has their preference on writing tools, and one that continually tops the chart is Microsoft Word. There are several sites that offer free downloadable book templates, and they are already set-up and formatted specifically for writing a book. You can download the template, then open it in Word, and get to writing!

Download them here. If you plan to publish your eBook to KDP , these templates will work just fine. They are available in all of the common standard book sizes. Download blank templates, or pre-filled templates with sample content, if you want to have an overall example of how a book will appear with the template. If you need a book template for Word in a language other than English, these templates will be helpful as they are available in a variety of different languages.

Once you download the files, a. Once you unzip the file, you will then see zipped folders for each language. You can unzip the folder in the language you need, which will give you access to the various size book templates. With several different sizes to choose from, BookBaby offers a variety of book layout templates depending on the type of book you are writing.

A book printing company, DiggyPOD offers free book layout templates for your book interior and exterior. This site offers 5 free minimal book layout templates that you can use with a variety of programs , Word included. These templates offer different designs, not just your standard text and format options. While you can access five templates for free, any additional access to other styles will have to be purchased. The free book templates are a gated offer, which means you will have to provide your email address , and then the templates are sent directly to your inbox.

Once you download the. Then, you can open the folder for each styled template, and select the file you need. The site also provides some helpful tutorial videos on how to format your book in Microsoft Word, if you want to skip the template and do it all yourself.

This site offers four of the most common standard book sizing options available — no email required. You can then click on the book icon for the corresponding size you need, and the file will begin downloading automatically. If you need further instructions, there is also a handy PDF that you can download with more info. You can start by selecting which program you are using to write your book, and Microsoft Word is the first option you can select. One thing to note is that this site is for UK book printing, so it will be UK sizing.

However, you can always look up the US equivalent with a quick Google search, if needed. This will prompt the download of the. This book template for Word features a minimal design, and is free — no email required!

This is not a print-ready format for your book, but an actual outline to organize your manuscript. Use this Book Outline Generator to select your genre and immediately get access to complete outline — all you need to do is add your content!

You then follow the steps in the document to get started. You can make a variety of projects, including a novel or book template with a little learning and direction.

The key is to start simple with one of the pre-made templates in Word, then format and customize the book layout to fit your needs. Please keep in mind that depending on the Microsoft Word version your computer or laptop has, the step-by-step instructions may vary, since older or newer versions may have different menu items, names, or placements. Here are the steps to make a book template in Word: Open the Microsoft Word program or application. Note: Depending on your Word version, you may have to click the launch icon to the left of Page Setup it looks like a square with an arrow.

Click on the Paper tab. If you do not know these yet, you can adjust them later. As you start writing in your book template, you can easily track the word count. Depending on how you like to track your progress, it might be helpful to know how many Microsoft Word pages equal a book page. First, we recommend determining how many words your book should be. Word has an easy tool that makes it super simple to keep count, and it updates in real time. To do this, you will first need to understand that there will not be a direct correlation.

A standard US paperback novel is typically printed as a 6 in. Your book page in Word will be the standard paper size of 8. Generally, a paperback novel in the standard print size can contain about words per page. In Microsoft Word, one page in the standard size and point font will be about words per page. So, a rough estimate is that 2 paperback printed pages will equal 1 Microsoft Word page, more or less.

Please note that this is a very rough estimate, with several variables involved. The only way to find an exact correlation is to set your Word document up to be the same size as your finalized printed book.

So, you could set your word document up to be 6 in. However, there will still be some variance due to margins, printed text size and typeface, paragraphs, etc. The best thing is to just go by your desired Word count and worry about the printed pages later. Focus on getting your story out, and the rest will follow suit once you get there!

Achieve your writing goals by committing to writing each and every day. Find a fellow author friend to make yourself accountable, or attend a writing conference to drive urgency for your writing career. Once your manuscript is typed and self-edited, you can start the editing and production process to get your book published and into the hands of readers! Learn the exact step-by-step methods you need to cut through the noise, harness the Amazon algorithm, and self-publish your book successfully this year.

Writing , Learning. Writing a book is one of the most complex projects any writer can pursue. There are a lot of stages in the process of Production , Reviews.

Vellum software is one of the newest book formatting choices available to self-published and independent authors, but Google docs is a great resource that can aid you in your writing goals. Not only is it a free writing platform, but it KDP is 6 x 9 and the margin is. Who do I use? I want a 6 x 9 trimmed with the best set up re: margins, And then of course, there is the problem with the spine.

The spine then changes from. The manuscript is done. I need to cut and paste into the 6 x 9. Who to use? Hi there! Then, you will be taken to the website where you can download the files and open them on your computer.

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Make your Word documents accessible to people with disabilities.Where is the Word Count in Microsoft Word , , , , and


The more you tell us the more we can help. Can you help us improve? Resolved my issue. Clear instructions. Easy to follow. No jargon. Pictures helped. Didn’t match my screen. Highlight a section to see the word count for that section.

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Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1. Launch Microsoft Word. This can be done by double clicking on the Word icon on your desktop, in your Taskbar Windows or Dock Mac.

If you don’t see an icon, click on the ‘Start” menu in the lower left of your PC’s screen. Click on the ‘All Programs” drop down and select Microsoft Word. Word is greatly different from Word , , , , and To get the Word Count function seems no as simple as it was before. This article focuses on how to find out the Word Count.

The Word Count Window contains information on the number of:. Place a checkmark in the box next to Include Textboxes, Footnotes , and Endnotes if you want them included in the count. Select the text you want to count. Select the Review tab. In the Proofing group, select Word Count.

In Word for Mac , select the word count in the status bar. The word count should appear in your status bar. Note that you have the option to choose whether to include the footnotes and endnotes in your word count, simply check the box next to it to include them, or uncheck the box to exclude them. Another way to find the detailed word count, is through the ribbon tabs you see on the top of your document.

Simply highlight the portion of the text you would like to find the number of words, and refer to the word count in the status bar. The word count will show the number of words in the selected text with respect to the number of words in the whole document.


How to Get a Microsoft Word Character Count in Word , , or Word for Office – Live2Tech – Can I write a book in Microsoft Word?

Unless you have selected some text, Word counts all text in the document, as well as the characters, and displays them in the Word Count box as the Statistics. Count the number of words in a part of a document. To count the number of words in only part of your document, select the text you want to count. Then on the Tools menu, click Word Count. Microsoft Word is a word processing software developed by was first released on October 25, , under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. Subsequent versions were later written for several other platforms including: IBM PCs running DOS (), Apple Macintosh running the Classic Mac OS (), AT&T UNIX PC (), Atari ST (), OS/2 (), . Word for Microsoft Word for Microsoft for Mac Word for the web Word Word for Mac Word Word for Mac Word Word for Mac Word Word for iPad Word for iPhone Word for Android tablets Word for Android phones Word Mobile the screen reader loses count and can’t provide helpful information about the table.

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