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Free Arctic Cat V twin Atv Service Manual Repair workshop service manual! – Troubleshooting

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During the break-in period or whenever the brake pads are replacedthe hydraulic brake pads must be burnished. To verify ignition timing, see Section 5. Instant access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts and more. Align the punch mark B on the intermediate screws B to 0.


Arctic Cat Twin Atv Service Repair Manual – Customer Care

Page Installing Right-Side Components After all the oil has been drained, install the drain plugs and tighten to 0. Servicing Top-Side Components Car: Acura El 1. Push the bulb in and turn it counterclockwise. Output Drive Bevel Gear 4.

2004 arctic cat 650 v twin owners manual. Arctic Cat 2004 ATV 650 V-2 Service Manual

Hide thumbs. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Table of Contents Previous Page. Next Page. Chapters Table of Contents 3 Servicing Components Page 2: Specifications Diameter removed from the frame. Cylinder Head Distortion max 0. Distortion gaskets, lock nuts, and seals and lubricating all Page 3: Table Of Contents 3.

Disconnect the wiring on the starter relay; then disconnect the CDI unit and the engine brake Table of Contents actuator control connectors. Page 4 Remove the front and rear spark plug caps; then remove the oil pressure sending unit lead I.

KXA 8. Remove the rear V-belt cooling boot; then disconnect the belt failure detection lead D and KXA the engine brake control actuator lead C. Page 5 KX KX Lift the carburetors above the frame and tie to the Remove the front exhaust pipe accounting for the handlebar; then cover the carburetor openings with ring gasket. KX KX Remove the two upper coolant hoses and the breather hose; Page 6: Left-Side Components Remove the rear engine mount through-bolt; then remove the rear engine mount brackets from the Left-Side Components frame.

Page 7 3. KX 7. KXA 4. V-Belt Cover B. Driven Pulley C. Clutch Assembly! Remove the cap screws securing the oil pump A ; RPM could cause component failure resulting in then remove the oil pump drive chain B and oil severe injury or death.

Remove the V-belt cover accounting for the seal. Hold the driven pulley with an appropriate holder; Note the position of the glue joint A. Valve Covers B. TF is top-dead-center front. Remove the front cylinder head assembly and account for two alignment pins A , cylinder head This is a ratchet-type chain tensioner and must gasket B , oil pipe C , and camshaft chain guides be completely removed and reset if the mounting D.

Page 12 KX KX Hold the intermediate shaft A with an Allen Remove the cylinder bolts B ; then remove the wrench. Account for the base gasket C and alignment pins D. KX KXA Remove the intermediate shaft sprocket nut A ; then remove the sprocket B , drive chain C , and the rear camshaft drive chain D. Page Center Crankcase Components Using a piston pin puller A , remove the piston pins B ; then remove the pistons from the connecting rods.

KX 2. Crankcase Half 3. Remove the three cap screws A ; then remove the shift shaft cover B. Using a press, remove the crankshaft from the right case; Page 15 KX KX 7. Remove the spacer A , idler gear assembly B , 9. Check angle A for shift fork bending. ATV KX Measure the thickness of the shift fork at A ; then 8. Page 16 KX KX 2. Remove circlip A ; then remove the output drive idler gear B. If no abnormalities are detected, set the 3. Page Servicing Components 2.

Using light pressure, move the valve cover in a figure eight motion. Inspect the sealing surface for any indication of high spots. Remove the valve seal and the lower remaining spring seat.

Discard the valve seal. Using a micrometer, measure the width of the valve face. ATV 2. Acceptable width range must Page 19 2. CCD 3. Push the valve from side to side; then from top to bottom. CCD 4. Insert an intake valve seat pilot shaft into one of Chart the intake valve guides.

Slide the intake valve seat grinding tool onto the pilot shaft; then using light pressure on a driver handle and a deep socket, grind intake valve Apply grease to the inside surface of the valve 1. Using a non-metallic carbon removal tool, remove seals; then place a lower spring seat and valve any carbon buildup from the dome of the piston. Insert an inside dial indicator into the piston-pin bore. The diameter must not exceed specifications.

Take two measurements to ensure accuracy. Place the cylinder head on the surface plate covered with grit wet-or-dry sandpaper. Using light pressure, move the cylinder head in a figure eight motion. A high spot can be noted by a bright metallic finish. Page 24 2. Inspect the cylinder for pitting, scoring, scuffing, warpage, and corrosion. If marks are found, repair the surface using a cylinder hone see Honing Cylinder in this sub-section.

Place the cylinder on the surface plate covered with grit wet-or-dry sandpaper. Using light pressure, move the cylinder in a figure eight motion. Rotate the camshaft and note runout; maximum 2. Place a strip of plastigauge in each of the camshaft tolerance must not exceed specifications. Measuring Camshaft Lobe Height 3.

Place the valve cover on the cylinder head and secure with the valve cover cap screws. If clearance is excessive, measure the journals of the camshaft. If it is still Components our of tolerance, replace the cylinder head.

Page 27 CD KX 2. Place the driven pulley assembly onto the 6. Wipe out excessive grease; then using a standard compressor tool base engaging the dowel pins into tip screwdriver B , dislodge the four guide pins appropriate holes in the fixed face of the assembly.

Install the spring seat C , spring D , spring seat 4. Inspect the pins and bushings for wear, flat spots, E , and circlip F ; then attach the spring holder looseness, or cracking. B and tighten nut A until the circlip F can be Assembling installed. Page 29 Inspecting!

Clutches and driven pulleys rotate at high speeds and can break up with explo- sive force causing severe injury or death. Inspect the sheave faces A for cracks, galling, or hollowing; Page 30 KX KX 3.

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